Week 2 – Voice – our first lesson.

We were in a circle and all spoke about what we thought of our voice and what we want to improve, I said that I would like to improve my sharpness, pronunciation and my accents.

We played a game called Gas station where we hold our partners rib cage and they would breathe in so you could feel their ribcage expand and they would pace the room humming until they needed to come back for air. We then swapped and you could then see how much oxygen you really needed to have to last, to expand our rib cage really fill up our lungs gives us much more time, the more you done it the quicker you would get tired.

We was set with the task of recording our own voice to listen back to and comment on. I really hate listening back to my own voice as I’m sure a lot of people do as you sound very different than when you are listening to yourself talk normally, I recorded myself talking about some films I enjoy.

I realised that when I am finish a sentence I sometimes to go higher like a sort of yo-yo effect, I didn’t say ‘erm’ as much as I thought I would, which I was quite glad about.  You can sometimes hear my lips touch which makes a light tutting sound, which I could really work on getting rid of. Other than it of course being extremely cringe to listen to my voice it really wasn’t that bad.